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The very highest quality specially reserved for the culinary top in the industry.

All products guarantee a thoroughly tested and quality professional preparation and delivery according to strictly controlled, hygienic conditions are required by law (HACCP).

Beside provisions we deliver galley equipment and Technical stores.
We provide all the equipment necessary to keep a yacht in top operating order. We can provide all technical types of products, ready-made or customized, for all the various departments and activities on board.

A small selection from our range

Trigla Lucerna (Red Gurnard/Poon) JPG
There are three types gurnards be distinguished: the gray mullet, red mullet and gurnard English. As the names suggest, the one red mullet and the other gray-brown.

The English is red gurnard. One of the nicknames of gurnard gurnard’s, due to the sound they make as attackers deter and recognition of conspecifics.

Zeus faber (John Dory) JPG
Sunfish is found mainly in the Mediterranean and North Sea. The fish gets its name from the distinctive round spot on his body, which resembles the sun. In France they call him Saint Pierre and English, the John Dory fish called. The fish has a distinctive ’thumb pressure’ on both sides to St. Peter is attributed.
The fish was so marked because he gave some money to the Saint to pay taxes. As with the haddock, this story is impossible because the fish in the Sea of Galilee is found. The Sunfish is a solitary hunter with a slender telescope-shaped mouth and a slender profile so that it can hide itself for its prey, just because he is so thin. In the Netherlands, the fish is imported, particularly from southern Europe.

Wagyu, the best beef in the world. JPG
The muscles of the Wagyu cattle have a fine texture and a characteristic velvet-like marbling. Top international chefs and gourmets praise the marbling as a source of unequalled tenderness, succulence and flavour.

USA Black Angus
Grain fed beef, this meat is classified as Natural Beef in the USA, similar to an ’organic’ or ’eco’ classification in the EU. Our US beef comes from small, independent ranchers who satisfy the strict standards set by the US Department of Agriculture and the European Commission.

Dutch MRIJ
There is a unique herd of beef cattle at the Koningshof farm Berkel en Rodenrijs. They are a cross between Maas, Rhine and IJssel cattle and improved roan cattle. For more than 25 years the herd has been kept by Sjaak Kooter in cooperation with his good friend and "super butcher" Piet van den Berg.

Holland is renowned for its excellent cheese.We work with the best cheese maker in Holland. Beside dutch cheese we have all kind of foreign cheeses available.

Beside the above products, we also provide the following available products:

- Asian products
- English products
- South African products
- Wines
- Beverages
- Spirits
- Toiletries
- Diving equipment
- Interior
- Medical products
- Cleaning equipment
- Fitness equipment

You may already have a list of items in mind, in which case we are happy to receive and work with your requirements. However, if you need a little inspiration, please give us a call or have a look though our catalogues. Please feel free to request our new brochure