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Services Tunisia


We are well informed about the latest berths available in Tunisia.

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Berths for sale Port Yasmine Hammamet

Port Yasmine Hammamet
 30 m x 8.0 m: EUR 115.000
 25 m x 7.5 m: EUR 85.000
 16 m x 5.5 m: EUR 55.000
 14 m x 5.0 m: EUR 50.000

Port Marina Bizerte
 200m: Price To Be Confirmed.
 110m x 23m: EUR 4.400.000
 80m x 18m: EUR 3.200.000
 70m x 16m: EUR 1.900.000
 60m x 14m: EUR 1.400.000
 50m x 12m: EUR 1.000.000
 40m x 10m: EUR 700.000
 35m x 14m: EUR 600.000
 35m x 9m : EUR 380.000
 30m x 13m: EUR 529.000
 30m x 8m: EUR 353.000
 25m x 12m: EUR 337.000
 25m x 7.5m: EUR 211.000
 20m x 10m: EUR 221.500
 20m x 6.5m: EUR 138.500

Customs and Immigration Formalities

We have very good local contacts in Tunisia who are at your service to help you with your customs and immigration formalities.

Duty Free Bunkering

Outside the EU you can take advantage of the duty free fuel. This is available in Tunisia. We will organise the fuel delivery at the time of your preference, we will supervise the delivery so that we are sure everything will be as you wishes.


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