New construction



The Wmagic is an "off-shore" company totally exporting installed since January 2000 within the zone of Bizerte (Business Park Economic Bizerte), it occupies a strategic location between the open seas, the new Marina Bizerte.

The total area covered by Wmagic is about 30,000 m²out of which 13.557m ² is shared as follows:

• 02 kilns prepreg and another volume of 1800 m3 each (30m length)
• 5 production plants with multiple mezzanines facilities.
• One bedroom paint
• Area for Machine shop
• Workshop area for electrical work
• Workshop area for conditioning parts production special
• A store of raw materials, consumables and equipment
• Offices, administrative techniques, CLOAKROOMS sanitary and others.

Wmagic uses qualified personnel and the means mastering all the techniques of manufacture of composite parts:

• Stratification wet polyester and epoxy venylester.
• Prepreg
• Infusion epoxy and polyester

Wmagic also master’s all mechanical and electrical work related to the construction and repair of ships:

• Design and manufacture of various steel parts and aluminum
• Installation and alignment of engines
• Installation of systems fuel, fresh water, gray and black, air conditioning, lighting, fire, and navigation systems

Wmagic effectively master’s the carpentry work related to the construction of boats:

• Preparation and installation teak deck
• Manufacturing furniture for indoors and outdoors
• Manufacture and installation of all types of doors and hatch sealed and unsealed
• Mounting of the various windows, Plexiglas and glass
• Mounting of the various fittings and other accessories

Wmagic has the means handling and movement of modern boats:

Wally Tender
• 1 Liebherr 90 T.
• 1 trolley displacement boats (boat Mobile trolley) 250 T.
• 1 travelift 260 T (in order).