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• F-Class


Looking for authenticity, speed and superior, innovative technical design?

Think F!

Designed in the spirit of tradition, the F-class is developed and engineered as a high-performance racer.
F-class yachts are designed to get the best out of two generations, using classic J-class lines and modern, high performance technology.
The F-class is developed for racing from a technical point of view.
These awesome aluminium speed machines come with carbon spars and composite rigging. The combination of a revolutionary T-style fin keel with a 30 ton lead bulb, and a carbon high aspect ratio spade rudder is exceptionally powerful.
F-class radiates a timeless design with long overhangs and sleek lines.
The traditional ambience of the F-class yacht is further enhanced with a flush deck and moderate deck camber that echoes the 1930’s.